Seven Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying

Nobody enjoys their daughter or son being bullied, however would you give your child plastic surgery in order to avoid being teased or bullied. Well Cammy Shaw, a South Dakota mothers does. In a talk with “Good Morning America” the mother explained how she was so upset about her daughter Samantha’s “cup ears” that she approved her for ear pinning surgery.

Although she hasn’t been ‘bullied’ yet, Cammy Shaw feared that her daughter’s ears would eventually make her self-conscious and shy.

Adding “This was a preventative way, so she wouldn’t get bullied,”

We have been debating about this all day here and some agree while others like me don’t agree. In life people will find some flaw no matter how beautiful or accomplish you are. In fact, one could argue that the more you’ve got going for you, the more people will point out your flaws and you have to learn to love yourself the way you are. However I do understand how the mother wants to do anything to make sure her daughter grows up confident.




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  • rhealyn

    i think this is not really unusual as we perceived it is to be. there is really an surgery called otoplasty for kids or ear surgery.

    Studies have shown that people with aesthetically atypical ears have significantly lower self-esteem; and children often cope by either developing introverted personalities or engaging in problematic behavior. Fortunately, studies have also shown that otoplasty can change all of that.

  • http://ETRFG4EZRHAGT3E2F kitana

    to be honest. there was nothign wrong , those are your ears . wear them as accsets not your enime . nobody has bullied her yet so ….. there was no point . SHE LOOKED WORSE AFTERWARDS!