Has Nicki Minaj had plastic surgery?

Nicki Minaj is without a doubt one of the most talk about female rapper today, if not the most talk about. So we could continue with her accomplishments but  … eh we’re just going to focus on her looks more importantly her a@* (this is family site  …sorta) So we here at NGpost decided to ask  the one million dollar question is her booty real. Well look at these before and after pictures and decide for yourself.


In an interview with the New York Post Nicki Minaj speaks on the butt pad/butt implants rumors. “Absolutely not,” said Nicki Minaj when asked about using butt pads or getting implants. “People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece.” But honestly she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to lie about plastic surgery …would she?

[pullquote_right]she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to lie about plastic surgery …would she?[/pullquote_right]

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  • Teapot

    has anyone thought about how she may have put on a little weight?…………………….

    • http://www.ngpost.com noneofyallbuzwax

      shut the shyt up she may be a little big but she the best rapper in the game lets focus on that

      • Nooneinparticular

        They’re not saying she is fat. They are saying that may explain why she has a bigger butt than she used to, as that is an area that many women put on weight…

    • vasilissa

      A LITTLE? she packed an entire table back there. Those are definitely implants.. to match her face lift, nose job…etc etc.

    • http://ngpost.com jisi

      read my comment in the bottom. i think ppl should relax they act as if they getting paid to protect the real fact that she got all this work done on her body and face. the sad part is that she still dont look good. lol.

  • XxLiveLoveLaugh15xX

    No One Tlkinq About Her Getttinq Fatter Or Biqqer Their Just Sayin Tht She Got Her Boobs And Butt Done Tht All U Can Tell By The Pictures And If She Didnt She A Lier Cuz U Can Tell She Got It Do -.-

  • http://ngpost.com jisi

    I wouldnt say the nicki m. is the best rapper in the game becuz most of the song she rapz about are mostly STUPID for example “STUPID HOE” and much more most of the time her voice changes tone and i think thats the fakest thing ever including Rihanna her tone changes as well but atleast we can understand what Rihanna sayz in her song. but its w.e that’s my opinion.

  • misseymarie6969

    she got more then just an ass and tit and in-plant…she also got face and hip surgery….her hips and are metal…… shes all fake but still gutta love her! plus i kinna know her so when i chilled with her i had a full out convo with her 🙂

  • lidt galvin

    lol ; ikr !

  • nei

    Even her nose was done it use to be more rounded now it is pointed.

  • ellie

    You can however have this surgery where fat is removed from you belly and put on your butt