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Drake and Rihanna Looking Cozy In Canada (PHOTO)

Oh great here we go again

Rihanna and Drake Cozy Up In Canada Drake and Rihanna Looking Cozy In Canada (PHOTO)

[half] Just as it looked liked rumors subsided that Rihanna and Drake were an item, a new photo of the “What’s My Name?” collaborators has surfaced. The grainy image, was taken on June 12 when Rihanna was on tour in Canada, As you can see in the photo above Drake is seen with his arm wrapped around the pop star in a private booth at Buonanotte Supperclub in Montreal.

So the office has once again broke into a debate (I’m starting to think these people just find excuses to disagree with each other) so I making a poll to see what you our readers thinks

Are Drake and Rihanna dating?[/half]