Tha Suspect – I No Send U (Remix) ft Sasha, Muna, Eva, Mo’Cheddah, Blaise & Zee

Now This is something you dont see everyday. Hip hop artist Tha Suspect decided to team up with virtually all the best Femcees that the Nigerian Hip hop scene has to offer. This is a go hard track no doubt.  If it was other websites they would just end here but you know I had to list them in order from best to worst.

First: Blaise (Without a doubt she was  the best)

Second: Zee (the last chick…..she killed the beat)

Thrid: Sasha (Not as bad as she usually is)

Fourth: Eva (She was good)

Fifth: Muna ( a lot of cursing and weird eye makeup but she did good ——oh and why you dey copy Nicki Manji)

Sixth: Mo’Cheddah (Well um you tired)

Give me your own list in the comments.

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