Fabolous – The S.O.U.L. Tape (Mixtape Listen, Download, and Review)



I am going to make this review a lot shorter than I usually do…. I’ve got some business related stuff to get to. But back to the  main point of this post. Fabolous has always had an interesting position in the hip hop community and is without a doubt one of the most witty rappers. So when I heard his new mixtape S.O.U.L. Tape was going to use soul samples for the entire mixtape…I knew that was a good idea…Fabolous  has the type of slow and witty flow that just works with soul samples.

But just because an idea looks good on paper doesn’t mean it pans out. I’m going to use the Lil Wayne’s “John” video because I watched it a few minutes ago. When Rick Ross decided to rap on a wheelchair (in the video) ….maybe the stupid idea looked better on paper…. come one a wheelchair the officer rapper kills me sometimes.

Well back to the S.O.U.L. tape the simple answer is “pretty good”. Most of these track like  “Really tho” one of my favorites is the first original beat on the mixtape and goes well with the New York rappers steady flow of one liners.

While a few just don’t work,”In the morning” which is a recreation of the J.Cole, Drake-assisted song of the same name seems…well too slow…I think it’s because in the j.cole version he (j.cole) raps with hunger so the difference really stands out. oh and the chorus simply isn’t good. My last problem with the album would have to be there just aren’t enough bangers in this mixtape…. but hey I get it soul samples….so I won’t really complain. But overall S.O.U.L. tape was not only good on paper but sound really good.

[blockquote]4.0/5.0 Here is an equation for you Fabolous + a smooth soul sample = good music[/blockquote]
[half]Personal Highlights

Leaving You (Produced by Sonaro)
“Look At Her” You Be Killin’ Em Pt 2
Really Tho (No really tho how many hot lines can fit in a song)


[half_last]Song’s I disliked (They just weren’t as good as the other tracks)

In The Morning (Its funny but I like j. coles version more)



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  • NJ

    I give your grammar 1/5, seriously that shits pathetic.

    • The DOC

      I couldn’t re read the post yesterday, because I was rushing. And man that didn’t turn out good. 1/5 is kinda high right. But seriously thanks for letting me know.