Utah Man Finds $45,000 in New House and Returns (Would You?)




[half]Just hours after he had closed on the house, Ferrin was checking out his new “man-cave” at the back of his garage, where he was planning to lay out his tools and hang things up. He looked up and noticed a little access panel in the ceiling with some carpeting jutting out.

After some investigation he found seven money-filled boxes.

“It took me and my wife and my father three hours to unroll all the money and sort it by denomination,” said Ferrin. It was a lot more than $800. They stopped counting when they hit $40,000.

The story is already shocking but what really surprised me personally was that Ferrin contacted the former house owner now children, and returned the money. This part has had us here at NGpost debating among ourselves since we’ve read the article.
Some (the majority what does that say about the people I work with) argue the man should have keept the money. He bought the house and that includes everything in it, if he found cockroches instead of money would he call the kid and return that?

While the other half of the office (I’m included) argue not only is it the right to return the money but he has no clue what the money was meant for.

So we set up a poll to see what s [/half]



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