Ageage Bread Now Available in the UK

fresh ageage bread nicely packedAlright so I have a quick post concerning something I recently discovered that I just had to share. Earlier today I was having a discussion with a friend who is based in the UK and was surprised to learn, Nigerian’s in London have been enjoying ageage bread for years now.


It’s no secret that we Nigerians love ageage bread, especially here in Lagos where local bakers have made ageage a staple in the diet of thousands people. Well a savvy entrepreneur in the UK took the concept and brought it abroad, according to the company’s official website they work hard to provide “the quality and home taste of Nigerian conventional food at the lowest possible price”

Below I added the URL to their website just in case anyone is based in the UK is reading this post and doesn’t know about the company. As for Nigerian’s based in the US sorry but no ageage bread companies available for you, but we’ll let you know when we find one ….ha ha

Company Name: Ageage Bread London Bakers

Company Site:





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