06 Jul 2015

Better Liars Men or Women Cool TV Asks Nigerians

So we have yet another great video from the people at Cool TV, this time the host Ginika from the series Street Talk asked Nigerians two interesting questions. The first question, how do you feel about liars specifically, who lies more often men or women? The second question which gender is actually better at

04 Jul 2011

Drake and Rihanna Looking Cozy In Canada (PHOTO)

Oh great here we go again [half] Just as it looked liked rumors subsided that Rihanna and Drake were an item, a new photo of the “What’s My Name?” collaborators has surfaced. The grainy image, was taken on June 12 when Rihanna was on tour in Canada, As you can

05 May 2011

Has Nicki Minaj had plastic surgery?

Nicki Minaj is without a doubt one of the most talk about female rapper today, if not the most talk about. So we could continue with her accomplishments but  … eh we’re just going to focus on her looks more importantly her a@* (this is family site  …sorta) So we here at NGpost decided

30 Apr 2011

Man Struck By Lightning and Walks Away (Video)

This video has been floating around the internet recently and its mind blowing. Some even argue hard to believe. Well the video displays a man walking causally in the rain then being struck by lighting. We have been debating about this video here at NGpost.com.  So watch the video and tell

27 Apr 2011

Beyonce Sued For $100 Million By Video Game Makers

  A software developer is suing Beyoncé Knowles for pulling out of a deal to create a motion-sensing dance video game, seeking more than $100 million  In an exclusive story, (New York Magazine’s Vulture.com) is reporting that video game production company Gate Five has filed a lawsuit against Beyonce for breach of contract.

23 Apr 2011

Idiot Gang Member Gets Tattoo of Committing a Crime

  It’s amazing how stupid people are but when that stupidity causes a murderer to get caught….well, I guess you can’t complain. Normally I add a poll but what this guy did is so stupid the post doesn’t even need a poll. The gunning down of 23-year-old John Juarez years ealier.

19 Apr 2011

$6,300 On A Toilet?

  Called “Numi,” this new toilet has quite a few built in features including Built-in music system with rear speakers FM radio and an audio input jack for an MP3 player. Adjustable heated seat and foot warmer too Stainless steel, self-cleaning bidet wand A dryer….. you read that correctly a

15 Apr 2011

Seven Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying

Nobody enjoys their daughter or son being bullied, however would you give your child plastic surgery in order to avoid being teased or bullied. Well Cammy Shaw, a South Dakota mothers does. In a talk with “Good Morning America” the mother explained how she was so upset about her daughter Samantha’s “cup ears” that she

01 Apr 2011

Aisha Gaddafi Supports Her Father Would You?

[half] The uprising in Libya continues, however a new supporter of Muammar Gaddafi has arose. His daughter Aisha Gaddafi who is a 34-year-old lawyer, who once represented Saddam Hussein, and has been pictured around Tripoli waving the green flag and dressed in a veil supporting of her father. Honestly I wasn’t surprised but it

03 Mar 2011

No new minimum wage, no election

BY VICTOR AHIUMA-YOUNG, ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH & TORDUE SALEM LAGOS – THE struggle for the implementation of N18,000 new minimum wage, yesterday, took frightening  dimension as 1,992 leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, in all parts of the country and all sectors of the nation’s economy, resolved that Labour and its