21 Dec 2011

Rihanna – You Da One (Behind the Scenes)

Rihanna goes blonde in the upcoming video for “You Da One,” the second single off her Talk That Talk LP. Rihanna traveled to London last month to shoot the Melina-directed clip which draws inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film A Clockwork Orange. Expect the final video to hit the interwebs soon.  

12 Dec 2011

Men In Black 3 Official Trailer

Will Smith is back again as Agent J in the third installment of the Men In Black trilogy!   [ad#Links Ad]

27 Oct 2011

The Richest Person in the World Could Have Been …Muammar Gaddafi?

  Everyone knew late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was rich—he had a gun made of gold! But he might have been even richer than anyone thought—like, net-worth-of-$200-billion rich, making him the richest person on the planet. “Senior Libyan officials” tell the Los Angeles Times that between investments, real estate, and bank accounts,

05 Oct 2011

Ice Prince Upcoming Album “Everybody Loves Ice Prince” Album Art + Official Track Listing Unveiled

We’re a few hours away from the official debut of Choc boy, Ice Prince’s first album, Everybody Loves IcePrince [ELI]. So it’s no surprise that the Album Cover and Track list hit the web.     TRACK LISTING 1.Remember (Intro) Produced By Jude Abaga 2.Juju Produced By Jesse Abaga 3.Superstar

24 Sep 2011

Drake’s Upcoming Album “Take Care” Cover Artwork Unveiled

Drake literally strikes gold on the cover of his sophomore album Take Care, due October 24. Young Money’s Canadian superstar sits at a table with a gold goblet, October’s Very Own owl, and candlestick. According to Drizzy, the album will be available in three versions—the standard, Birthday Edition, and Take Care OG Ron C Edition. Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne,

23 Aug 2011

It’s Official Rumors Of Will And Jada’s Split Are Just That …Rumors

This morning InTouch Weekly reported that Will Smith andJada Pinkett-Smith were seperating after 13 years of marriage. This came as shocking news being that the power couple have always been an ideal example of lovebirds to emulate. But, it looks like the couple is still happy and very much together. Will and Jada

17 Aug 2011

Before and After: London Riots

Riots broke out on Aug. 6, following a peaceful protest against the shooting of a local man in Tottenham, north London. Violence and looting have erupted in other parts of the city, and the unrest has spread to areas of the country such as Birmingham and Manchester.  Scroll down to

08 Jul 2011

Customer Tries To Cash Bank Check, Ends Up In Jail Losing His Job And Car As A Result (VIDEO)

In a story that makes me glad I left Chase. A Auburn man tries to cash a check at his bank and ends in jail losing his car and job. The full video is below.   [ad#Links Ad] To Read The Full Article: http://www.king5.com/news/125105599.html

20 Jun 2011

San Francisco May Ban The Sale of Goldfish

  San Francisco’s Animal Control and Welfare Commission is renewing efforts to ban pet sales in the city, which has been extended to include goldfish, tropical fish and guppies in an effort to” raise awareness of the plight of even the smallest of animals who are raised inhumanely and to

19 Jun 2011

Behind The Scenes: Beyonce’s “W Magazine” Cover Shoot (VIDEO)

Not so long ago we posted photos of Beyonce gracing the July issue of W Magazine (CLICK HERE). Well, we found a video of the behind the scenes. [ad#Links Ad]