fresh ageage bread nicely packed
07 Jul 2015

Ageage Bread Now Available in the UK

Alright so I have a quick post concerning something I recently discovered that I just had to share. Earlier today I was having a discussion with a friend who is based in the UK and was surprised to learn, Nigerian’s in London have been enjoying ageage bread for years now.

13 May 2011

President Obama’s Action Figure?

    [ad#Links Ad] [half]I know what I want for Christmas… I think An Action Figure company, Hero Builder, is making a new action figure which isn’t your normal super hero action figure. Instead they are producing a bicep-bulging figurine of President Barack Obama to honor him for making the order to

15 Apr 2011

President of Czech Republic Steals Pen

  I had a great laugh today. We have footage of the Czech president pocketing a pen at a news conference…yes you read that correctly.  Vaclav Klaus was filmed taking the ceremonial pen during a news conference with Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera. Czech TV broadcast the video with red circles and