20 Dec 2012

Our Top 10 Favorite Chief Keef Songs

  Around NGpost we range from blasting Chief Keef as much as possible (me) and not being able to stand his voice (everyone else here) but ****  it I’m writing this post and they can’t stop me … ha ha.  The Chicago MC has been in the headlines for tons

09 Dec 2012

Some Mashup: Get Em High For This (Ellie Goulding x Kanye West x Common)

  We normally stick to posting only the latest songs but hey today is a slow news day. Plus honestly some of the best music I’ve ever heard were mash up, remixes, chop/screw, etc. So with that being said I’ve been listening to this track all day and its mash up

05 Dec 2012

Raekwon – 86 ft. Altrina Renee (DOWNLOAD)

  It’s good to see the Chief making good music. Raekwon’s “86” featuring Altrina Renee has been floating around the internet and man is it some great 90’s stuff. Raekwon is working on a quickstrike EP, Lost Jewelry, which will precede his newt full-length solo outing.

03 Jul 2012

Wizkid x Young Jeezy Yup Its True (Video)

So there were rumors but during an interview with Young Jeezy at the BET awards red carpet those rumor became fact, Young Jeezy confirmed to VIBE magazine that he had just completed a full record with Wizkid and The Game. Soon we got a tweet from Wizkid confirming he just completed

10 Apr 2012

Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar (EP – DOWNLOAD)

      Just a quick look through my ipod an it’s pretty clear I’m a big fan of Kendrick Lamar so when I was talking with a buddy of mine I suggested he download the Kendrick Lamar (EP) I was surprised when he told me he had a hard time finding

21 Mar 2012

J Martins – Fine Fine Love (Premiere & Download)

      J Martin delivers yet another high life tune this time titled “Fine Fine Love”  And while we are on the topic of Mr. Martin according to the interwebs the super producer recently inked a management deal with Now Muzik       [message type=download] DOWNLOAD: J MARTIN – FINE FINE LOVE [/message]

18 Nov 2011

Young Jeezy – I Do ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000 (DOWNLOAD)

    “I Do” may be one of the biggest records of Jeezy’s career. Though Andre’s verse leaked to the interwebs some time ago, Jay-Z adds a monster to this well orchestrated number. Jeezy himself is in rare form on the track, displaying a rare moment of celebration and vulnerability.

04 Oct 2011

Kendrick Lamar – Cloud 10 (DOWNLOAD)

    Kendrick Lamar floats on “Cloud 10” on his latest release, a collaboration with Windows Phone and electronic producer Nosaj Thing. The 24-year-old Compton native effortlessly flows over the mellow track, which he instantly connected with. If you are a Kendrick Lamar fan like myself your going to enjoy this song. Beautiful lyrics,

20 Sep 2011

J. Cole – Rise And Shine (DOWNLOAD)

    It’s offical J.Cole’s album has official sprung a leak. Although I haven’t listened to “Cole World;The Sideline Story” yet  I did get my hands on “Rise and Shine”. If I had to rate this track I would give it a 5 out 5. The track is beautifully crafted first starting out

10 Sep 2011

Jason Derulo – Breathing (DOWNLOAD)

    What we have here will be a massive hit. The Jason Derulo is titled “Breathing”. Honestly I’m liking this song.  Just by the title I thought it was gonna be a ballad, but it turned to be a chill-out HOUSE record! Everything about this track the lyrics, the